Queer Qrosswords

Fed up with the heavily cis/straight nature of most mainstream crosswords, a group of LGBTQ+ crossword constructors got together, made the puzzles we wanted to see, and made them available to the public for a simple $10+ donation to an LGBTQ+ charity of your choice.  Queer Qrosswords!

To date, Queer Qrosswords 1 and 2 have raised over $60,000 for LGBTQ+ charities!

We have been recognized with the FireballCrosswords.com Indie Spirit Award and featured in Peter Rubin’s Wired article on representation in indie crosswords and a fantastic TIME Magazine article on diversity in crosswords.

Get your copy of Queer Qrosswords 1 and 2 today by donating $10+ to a fantastic LGBTQ+ charity of your choice!



How do I get a copy of Queer Qrosswords 2 (QQ2)?

Make a new donation of $10 or more to an LGBTQ+ charity.  Email us (queerqrosswords@gmail.com) with a copy of your donation receipt and ask for QQ2.  Let us know if you’d like the puzzles in PDF and/or PUZ format.  We’ll email you back shortly with your very own copy of QQ2.  That’s it!

Wait!  I missed out on Queer Qrosswords 1 (QQ1).  How can I get that?

Follow the same instructions as above, but ask for QQ1. (Note that QQ1 is only available in PDF format.)

How can I send QQ1 or QQ2 as a gift?

Follow the same instructions as above.  Let us know whether you’d like to gift QQ1 or QQ2, and let us know the name and email address of the gift recipient.

What if I can’t afford to donate to a charity?  Can I get QQ for free as a mental health break?

No problem, and yes!  We would be more than happy to send QQ1 and/or QQ2 to you, a loved one, and/or friend for free (without a $10+ donation)!  Get in touch with us at queerqrosswords@gmail.com and we’ll send the puzzle packs along, no questions asked.

Who contributed to Queer Qrosswords?

Visit our Constructors Page for short bios of all the fantastic constructors who contributed to this project.