Why Queer Qrosswords?

In the current political climate, resources to support LGBTQ+ people – especially trans people and queer people of color – are as vulnerable as the communities themselves. Each day, rights are being walked back and protections disbanded. Hate crimes and hateful speech are ever present, and progress on LGBTQ+ rights isn’t as robust as it has been over the past few decades. The Supreme Court just heard arguments as to whether LGBTQ+ people can be fired just for being who they are – in 2019!

One of the many ways that we escape these daily traumas – large and small – is by curling up with a good crossword or two. And yet even in 2019, we still routinely see frustrating clues like [Husband’s spouse] for WIFE, while seldom seeing anything other than [Pride letters] for LGBT as an acknowledgment that we even exist. Every “you” in a crossword clue seems to assume a cis, white, straight, male audience. We need more queer representation in crosswords to make sure that everyone feels included.

But what to do about either of these issues? We were inspired by Francis Heaney’s wonderful project, Puzzles for Progress. (Seriously, it’s fantastic – check it out!) Compiled as a response to last year’s presidential election, Francis and friends put together a packet of puzzles to benefit an array of worthy charities that would need support heading into the Tr*mp era.

Why couldn’t we do something similar to support fantastic and essential LGBTQ+ organizations while also increasing the representation of LGBTQ+ people and experiences in crosswords? Why not have queer constructors write queer crosswords as a way to raise money for queer charities and organizations? Enter Queer Qrosswords & Queer Qrosswords 2.

Questions? Comments? Email us at queerqrosswords@gmail.com. THANK YOU for your support!